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The Final Push

We are FINALLY finally, thank baby Jesus, finally, in the last month, weeks, and days of 2020.  

I found myself earlier this week thinking “okay, how much time do I actually have left in the year to close things out, and what can I actually accomplish in this time frame.” 

I wanted to get ready to give that final push to get across the finish line.  


My favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish

Hey hey hey!  We are SO close to Turkey Day!!  🙂

In case you need a last minute side dish to bring to Thanksgiving, or if you are home making yourself a bomb a** meal this year THIS dish is my absolute favorite of all time. 


How to find gratitude in the midst of chaos

The year of 2020, was a bit of a cluster f***. Kobe Bryant died, there was a worldwide pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands, wrecked the economy, and left so many without food, jobs, and questioning how to pay their bills. Racial injustices were surfaced and exploited, businesses closed down forever, a wild presidential election occurred, and hate and fear were thrown around like confetti. 

I know I am not even remembering half of the shit that happened, but that pretty much hits the high points.  

This is the week of Thanksgiving. The one time of year we all come together and give thanks and praise for all that we have and all the good that has happened.  

Looking back on this dumpster fire of a year, one might think, “what went right?”. But something always went right. There is always a silver lining in the clouds, we just need to find it.  


What my baby wants me to know

Those who know me well are aware of how much I try to fit into my schedule on a daily and weekly basis. I am very regimented and I wake up between 5 and 5:30AM so that I can get as many things done as I possibly can in a day. I hold myself up to really high standards for my health, work, and workout habits. I set myself really high goals and give myself very little wiggle room for error.

Sleeping in, naps, and resting, accepting help from others have never even been a consideration let alone a habit I have ever gotten into.


Believe in your dreams

I am writing this to you while I am in the middle of some really big things happening at work, some major things happening in my personal life (aka new house, new baby, new dog).

The combination of lots of big things happening all at once can be a bit overwhelming at times.

The other day I was talking to my business/life coach about everything that was happening to me, and I was in a state of complete overwhelm. I was crying and questioning how I was going to do it all and get through it. She stopped me to remind me that this was just one moment in time and that this feeling and these fears would pass, and that of course I would get through this and end up on the other side, and that this is what I had been asking for all along.


My Top 4 Weekly Health Goals

I truly believe that to set yourself up for success every week and every day, in anything that you do, you need to have your health in order first. 

If you don’t feel good, you won’t perform well. 

I can’t tell you how many times that I have woken up too tired, groggy, lethargic, with no energy and how it’s completely ruined my day.


Say “Yikes” and move on

I totally stole this from a meme, but it’s so perfectly accurate so I had to steal it for the title.

This is my life mantra. When something doesn’t go your way, when you try and fail, just say “yikes” and move on.


Pregnancy Cravings

That was a bit of a misleading title because I haven’t really had any real cravings with my pregnancy so far.  Like I am not saying to Dan at 9 pm I want a cheeseburger and fries from McDonald’s, nor do I feel the need to have ice cream all the time.  The closest thing I have gotten a craving is wanting a butternut squash soup from Panera Bread.  


What you can control

This week I went into Monday pretty stressed. Even though I followed my own, “Fighting Sunday Scaries” guidelines, Monday morning still got me good.  


All the squashes

Last night I made stuffed acorn squash and as I was finishing off the rest of Dan’s acorn squash (yes I eat HIS leftovers, never the other way around) when Dan said, “You know, I really like most squashes but this just isn’t my favorite.”

I tried not to take it personally because I thought it was a pretty freaking great dinner, but I can’t fault him either. If I were to rank all the squashes, then acorn squash would probably be my least favorite too.