Kelly Leveque 🙌🏽

..If you haven’t followed her or don’t know about her check out all of her things via @bewellbykelly right now! Ditch the blog and go!

I was introduced to her morning smoothie a long time ago and have been doing it ever since. Then once I had Parker I bought her book BodyLove and learned more about her way of eating and started to apply her approach to every meal. I was amazed at what happened next…

If you have been with me a while you know I love to try new diets, workouts, and new healthy ways of eating, and then of course sharing what I find with you! Kelly’s guide is my new favorite and something I plan on sticking to for the foreseeable future. 😉

Her plan is based on keeping your blood sugar levels even and keeping your metabolic health in check. She created the “Fab 4” as an easy way to make sure you eat the right foods and make better choices without feeling like you are on a diet.

The “Fab 4” is making sure in every meal you have 1. Protein 2. Fat 3. Fiber 4. Greens. Keeping sugars, dairy, and carbs limited, but not really having much of a limit on the others.

She is not about counting calories, or losing weight, but is simply trying to make sure that people are eating foods that fuel their bodies and keep them satisfied.

Before I became obsessed with this new approach to eating, I had no idea of all the science that is backing this theory, how easy it would be, and most importantly how GOOD I would feel on it.

When I say I have never been less hungry in my life, I swear I have never been less hungry between meals and even AT meal times. I have had so much more energy throughout the day. Once I got started I thought it was actually easy to do and maintain, AND I started to really feel like I was getting my “pre-baby” body back.

But the kicker for me was not being hungry. I feel like every single “diet” I have tried, I have always been hungry. Counting down to the next meal, even having 4 meals in a day to keep me full.

With the Fab4 guideline, I start my day with a Fab4 Smoothie around 7 or 8 am and then am not hungry again until 1 or even 2 pm! Then my next two meals consist of fiber, fat, protein, and green and I am not looking in the cabinets for something sweet an hour later. It’s truly a miracle.

To top it off, she is like a really great human being, always trying to learn more and better at everything she does. My kinda girl!!

Like I said in the beginning if you haven’t checked her out yet, now’s your time! Her podcast, “Be Well by Kelly” has all the things, and is my go-to. I highly advise you to check her out. 😉