My BAD habits with working from home…

My BAD habits with working from home… 

(Cue – Bad Habits By Ed Sheeran) 

November of 2021, 20 months after the pandemic began, I just STARTED to realize that I had created really bad habits. 

Granted my life changed drastically in those 20 months, becoming a homeowner, a dog mom, and a baby mom, not to mention going through an unprecedented pandemic. As a result of all that, my daily rituals and habits drastically changed, and not in a good way. 


The Art of the Start

In college one of my majors was Entrepreneurial Studies, and “The Art of the Start” was a book that was on our required reading list. If I am being completely honest, I never actually read the whole book… my dad did and he loved it. 😉 Regardless of not reading it in its entirety, the title always stuck with me. The Art of the Start.


Becoming a mom

It has taken me a month and a half to be able to have the headspace to even attempt to or want to write a blog again. Then it took another 2.5 weeks for me to sit down to write it. Then the minute I did Mr. Parker decided he wanted to be held and sit with me. So here we are, trying to sneak in sentences, with one hand, while holding a baby who is trying to push out a poop. #momlife


Body Talk

I was inspired to write this blog after listening to a recent podcast between Rachel Hollis and Amy Porterfield. Two dynamite women tackling the topic of how women feel about their bodies. It was so good, I had to continue the conversation on this platform.

Healthy Alternatives

This year is my year of not being an extremist. One of the best ways to stay on track with your #healthgoals is by finding healthy alternatives to some of your favorite foods.

How to plan for 2021

I wanted to walk you through exactly what I did during my planning/dreaming for 2021, and what helped me get excited for the year to come. I am going to give you a little hint as to what my theme was, start small. =]

Spreading Holiday Cheer

For many of us, our holidays this year may look a little different than they usually do. We are going to look at Christmas in a different light and make the most of what we’ve got. Spreading our holiday cheer the 2020 pandemic way.