Buying a House and Recruiting

So guys… big announcement here… WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! =D 

Like I have a mortgage, house insurance, and we have to buy a lawnmower!! What is life?! 

We are so freaking excited and weirded out at the same time that we are officially real adults and homeowners. After 4 years of being in an apartment together, we are ready to have a little bit more of our own space to spread out. I can’t wait to insta story it for you guys once we officially close and move in!

I wanted to share with you this journey just so you could see how similar buying a house is to searching for the perfect candidate for a job. (You will also start to notice how this theme can be applied to many other areas of your life).


Dealing with disappointment

This title sounds like a really low vibration, almost negative theme, for my peppy happy self, but I am not always happy and peppy, and this is a topic I recently experienced so I thought I would share it with you today. =] 

When I was a kid, the worst thing my mom could have said to me was “ I’m just disappointed”. Cue eyes filling with tears and a knife to the chest. It was the absolute WORST and it would wreck me every time. To this day, it’s the worst form of being reprimanded. 

But I don’t think I really understood what disappointment was or felt like until I was older. 


“Stay-cation” 2020

Every year the thing I most look forward to is my summer vacations. I typically take a couple of long weekends here and there and then I take off one full week vacation with Dan or my family. It’s my absolute favorite and I look forward to it every year. We have done a big extravagant vacation line spending 10 days in Italy to smaller quaint vacations like a week in a little cottage by the Bay at the Cape.  


My #1 rule of Business

I am in the business of people, or in other words the business of recruiting. In my line of business, there is a lot of relationship building and trust involved. You have to trust the person you are working with, and believe they will do right by you.

This is important to me

With everything that is happening in the world right, I asked my sister what I should be writing about and she replied, “something that really matters”. So this week I am going to write about what’s on my heart.


Giving Your LinkedIn a Facelift

Over the past couple of weeks, a couple of people have asked me, “Should I be updating my resume? Should I spruce up my Linkedin?” 

My answer, obviously, is “Yes!”  


Quarantine/Summer Reading List

Hey Friends,

One of my Instagram followers asked for some good book recommendations, so I gladly wrote this blog! I love nothing more than when someone says to me, “you HAVE to read this book”, or “Omg I loved this book so much”. Like I am already sold and I will likely be buying it as soon as I get to my amazon account at home.

To me, there is nothing better than getting lost and wrapped up in the world of a book. I truly look at it as a way of self-care.


Staying motivated through uncertainty

I got this question from a friend, “How do you stay motivated during these tough times?” and it kind of stumped me. I really had to think about it, because if I am being completely honest during this time there are more days that I feel UNmotivated than motivated. 

Like many of us, I am not immune to the fears and frustrations that this pandemic has brought upon us. It feels like one day I am mad, the next sad, then scared, then in a fog, I see a little sliver of hope or sunshine, and then I am back in my loop. I am not telling you this to feel bad for me because I do not have it bad at all. So many out there have it so much worse than me, and I pray for them every day. I am telling you this because it’s the truth, and everything going on has knocked me off my course a bit. 


Switch Your Mindset

I’ve got to be honest with you guys, I have not had an easy time with all of these changes the past couple of weeks. I have had A LOT of change happen in my life, and if I am being honest, I haven’t always had the best reactions to it. I went through at least 2 boxes of tissues from crying.  Had to drink Chamomile tea or take a melatonin vitamin to fall asleep because my heart wouldn’t stop racing.  I have even played out every single worst-case-scenario in my mind as if it’s already happening or it is “bound” to happen. 

I have been very focused on myself, and have not been the BEST at staying positive, seeing through the clouds, and knowing that the sun is shining on the other side of this. 

Then suddenly last week,  I was inspired.  


My go-to’s to get myself amped for a workout

The way you walk into a workout from the mood you are in to the way you feel, can and will completely alter your workout.  

Think about the times that you totally crushed your workout. You likely walked into the class you were taking or the gym with a Rocky mentality. Standing tall, shoulders back, maybe throwing a couple of quick jabs right and left, with “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background. Then you walk out sore, but feeling even better than when you walked in.