Healthy Alternatives

This year is my year of not being an extremist. One of the best ways to stay on track with your #healthgoals is by finding healthy alternatives to some of your favorite foods.

How to plan for 2021

I wanted to walk you through exactly what I did during my planning/dreaming for 2021, and what helped me get excited for the year to come. I am going to give you a little hint as to what my theme was, start small. =]

Spreading Holiday Cheer

For many of us, our holidays this year may look a little different than they usually do. We are going to look at Christmas in a different light and make the most of what we’ve got. Spreading our holiday cheer the 2020 pandemic way.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

I am super salty that I am not an influencer getting paid to do free Christmas #ads because I KNOW I would influence you to buy these last minute gifts ;).

My 4 major lessons from this pregnancy…

Let’s just start with this, pregnancy is wild. You are growing a living human in your stomach that one day you will have to take care of. Your body changes, your mindset changes, and you know inevitably, your world will turn upside down in 9 months or less. 

I never really appreciated what other moms went through or knew how life-altering it was until I started to go through it myself. It really is one of those things you can’t fathom or truly understand until you are experiencing it in real-time. 

Throughout this pregnancy, I have had high highs, low lows, and there were times I completely forgot I was even pregnant. I have kept wanting to blog about my experience, but I couldn’t find a topic that felt right.


The Final Push

We are FINALLY finally, thank baby Jesus, finally, in the last month, weeks, and days of 2020.  

I found myself earlier this week thinking “okay, how much time do I actually have left in the year to close things out, and what can I actually accomplish in this time frame.” 

I wanted to get ready to give that final push to get across the finish line.  


My favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish

Hey hey hey!  We are SO close to Turkey Day!!  🙂

In case you need a last minute side dish to bring to Thanksgiving, or if you are home making yourself a bomb a** meal this year THIS dish is my absolute favorite of all time. 


How to find gratitude in the midst of chaos

The year of 2020, was a bit of a cluster f***. Kobe Bryant died, there was a worldwide pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands, wrecked the economy, and left so many without food, jobs, and questioning how to pay their bills. Racial injustices were surfaced and exploited, businesses closed down forever, a wild presidential election occurred, and hate and fear were thrown around like confetti. 

I know I am not even remembering half of the shit that happened, but that pretty much hits the high points.  

This is the week of Thanksgiving. The one time of year we all come together and give thanks and praise for all that we have and all the good that has happened.  

Looking back on this dumpster fire of a year, one might think, “what went right?”. But something always went right. There is always a silver lining in the clouds, we just need to find it.