I am writing this to you while I am in the middle of some really big things happening at work, some major things happening in my personal life (aka new house, new baby, new dog).

The combination of lots of big things happening all at once can be a bit overwhelming at times.

The other day I was talking to my business/life coach about everything that was happening to me, and I was in a state of complete overwhelm. I was crying and questioning how I was going to do it all and get through it. She stopped me to remind me that this was just one moment in time and that this feeling and these fears would pass, and that of course I would get through this and end up on the other side, and that this is what I had been asking for all along.

At that moment, I knew she was right. I knew that these “problems” weren’t really problems at all but things that I had been praying for and journaling about for years now. I just had to readjust my perspective and turn it away from the present moment and look at the big picture of it all.

Because in truth, everything that was happening in my life, I had asked for. I had prayed for it and I had worked towards it for as long as I could remember.

I have allowed myself to dream big audacious dreams, and I have dared to believe that they would come true, and they have.

Ever since I could remember I have wanted to own my own successful business, have a loving husband, start a family, and to live on a body of water. Those things are all happening to me right in this very moment.

So when I remove myself from the “moments”, the issues we are facing like: the sleepless nights because of the back pain from the baby, the fact that our tub leaks and we need to redo our entire septic system, and that I have so much work going on it’s almost too much to think about.

When I stop looking at that and rise up to see the big picture, I am filled with gratitude and joy, because I can’t believe I am actually doing this. I am living this life fully, and in a way that I always dreamed of. I am legitimately living my dream life.

This realization reminded me, to never stop believing in my dreams and never stop believing in myself and what I am capable of. These little “issues” that are happening in between, are just moments in time. Small bumps along the path to the ultimate goal. They are just opportunities for you to be challenged and grow into the person you have always wanted to be.

So even during the tough times, even when you are feeling overwhelmed and questioning how you will do it all. Lift your head up, remind yourself why you are here, what you are working to see how far you have already come, and never ever stop believing in those dreams. Know in your heart that you will get there because you will. If it can happen to me, it will happen to you, my friend.

Big love to you all,