When the seasons change, the bathing-suits get packed away, and the kids head back to school it always brings me back to that “new school year feeling”.  

When I was in school, I would always get so excited to wear a new outfit on the first day, see my friends again, and secretly, I always got giddy excited about learning something new.  I loved the smell of new parchment paper and the must of an old textbook that you would get to write your name in because you “owned it” from 2008-2009.  (I don’t even know if they still use these anymore.. But still! It was the best.) 

There was something magical about a new beginning and the unknown. 

If you go to college or just high school, you are mandated to learn something new from 5-18/22 years of age.  Then we graduate, and the mandated learning stops.  We technically don’t NEED to push ourselves, or ever need to pick up a textbook again.  

Even though I am pretty sure every commencement speaker who has ever spoken always encourages us to learn new things, and to “not let our education stop here”.  Many of us let those words breeze right by and never pick up a book again, which personally hurts my heart and soul. 

But it’s so important to continue to push yourself and to learn something new.  Now I am not saying to buy a textbook to learn Calc III or Biology, but something that you are interested in. 

Maybe you like to tinker with things and want to learn more about building a computer.  Or maybe you’ve got a knack for cooking and want to perfect that new French dish you love.  

When I went to a Tony Robbin’s Conference, it was the first time I heard the saying, “If you aren’t growing, then you are dying.”  He taught us that life isn’t about the end destination, but all the goodness in between.  The learning, the growth, the effort given.  That’s the good stuff.  That’s what sets our hearts on fire, keeps us feeling alive and excited for the day. 

When I started each new school year I always got excited about that new challenge and the opportunity to learn something new.  My heart knew that it was the in-between that I loved the most.

So this new school year challenge yourself to learn something new.  Take it back to the olden days and reignite your passion for life.  It will give you something to work towards, to get excited about, to live for.  It brings so much more purpose and passion for what you do every day. 

And make sure to follow your heart or your passions.  Whether you just want to read and learn more about the history of Ireland, learn how to knit a scarf, build a fire-pit, learn how to speak a new language, or how to finally create a budget.  We all have different wants and needs during each season of our lives. 

This season pick whatever speaks to you and dive in. You’ll be happy you did. 😉