One thing I absolutely LOVE about living in New England is that the season’s change.  

This summer was weird, probably for most of us. Even though I love the summertime with my whole heart and soul, my sister and I kept saying that we felt like this Fall would be a turning point. Let’s just say we were looking forward to this year’s change of seasons.  

As you all know, I am a summer girl through and through and cry after Labor Day. I never wish the summer away, so this concept of looking forward to Fall in July was a new concept for me. But I genuinely was looking forward to the Fall.  

This summer was just different. So much was canceled and couldn’t happen that it kind of left a sour taste in my mouth. It left me looking forward to the season where nothing was ever planned so nothing could be ruined.    

I was and am looking forward to the change and I think a little part of me is hoping that it will feel a little more normal than the rest of the year has. 

I wanted to keep those good hopeful feelings flowing, so to keep me excited about the upcoming season I wrote a list of all the things that I am looking forward to. The ordinary things that I will appreciate this Fall in a completely different way.  

Sunday Dinners at Mom’s

During the “school” year we always spend Sunday Dinners at my mom’s house. They have forced me to do it with my grandparents when I was a kid, and even though I hated it then because I couldn’t hang out with friends but It’s now the highlight of my week. And I can’t freaking wait for that first of Sunday Sauce of the season. (insert drool emoji here) 


During the summer, we are at my parent’s beach cottage every weekend and we do the same routine. We get coffee, go on walks, beach it up, and happy hour at night. It’s truly magical. But during the fall things get back to normal. In the fall, I get back to my routine of sleeping in, or taking an early morning work out class, going grocery shopping, meal prepping, and cleaning. It sounds so boring and adulty, but I actually really enjoy it and look forward to that normalcy every fall.

All the pie’s 

Apple pie, fruits of the farm pie, pumpkin pie, other delicious random pie combos my mom makes. I love them all with my whole heart and soul and am SO looking forward to that warm sweet smell to slowly make its way through the house. 

Apple picking 

I am a child and I really love apple picking. I eat at least 3 apples along the way and I then love the goodies that follow. The apple cider donuts, kettle corn, and crisps. Which then I stuff my face with. It’s just the best. 

Decorating my house 

Now that I have a full house I can’t WAIT to decorate it for the season. Corn stalks on the porch outside, mums, pumpkins, ALL of the things. The best part is, I have none of it yet. So that makes a trip to HomeGoods, yay shopping!!

Trader Joe’s Fall surprises

If you are a true lover of TJ’s like me, you will already know what this means. I am a sucker for the seasonal goodness our way, and I simply cannot deny it. I just saw a Maple-flavored Oat Milk hit the shelves, like what?! Head there now. 

Watching the leaves change 

People travel all over the world to see how the leaves change in New England, and it’s totally worth it. I have lived here my whole life and I still love to just drive around the state to see the trees in all their leaf changing glory. It truly is miraculous and makes you feel a certain kind of something. Make your drive even better and add an oat milk latte to the mix, game over. 

Embracing change and finding ways to appreciate change is so important in a much bigger way than just looking forward to a new season. It’s about looking forward instead of back. Accepting what is, was, and getting excited for what will be. 

Now go enjoy that glorious Fall season.