The Sunday Scaries. We all know what it is, and we have all experienced it at SOME point. I don’t care who you are, what you do, or how much you love your job, there has to have been at least ONE Sunday you have gotten nervous, or just simply thought, I don’t want to work tomorrow…

I love my job and I own my own business, with no one to report to, and I still get this every so often. 

That nervous feeling of anxiety or anticipation of the week ahead can be really overwhelming at times. I know some people who physically feel sick from it, and others who just shut down and won’t go out or do anything to prepare for Monday.  

My old dance teacher said to us years ago, “Don’t let Monday ruin your Sunday!”. It was a quote she and her to-be husband would say to keep the day fun and alive.  

Obviously, I love that idea and phrase. Who wouldn’t?! It’s catchy, fun to say, and puts you in an “f*** it” mindset. Ready to rumble and have a good time.   

But HOW do you actually apply that phrase into real life without waking up Monday morning in a complete panic you aren’t ready for the week. 

That’s what we are going to talk about today. How to not let Monday ruin your Sunday. The things that I do to ensure that I am ready for my week, AND enjoy my Sunday. =] 

  • Start prepping for Monday on Friday. 

This sounds super depressing, I know, but hear me out. Typically at the end of the day on a Friday, you want to just pack up and go home or to happy hour. I typically start saying “TGIF” to clients and candidates Thursday at 4 pm… so I get it. But if you force yourself to schedule the last 30 minutes to 45 minutes of your Friday to prepare for Monday, I guarantee you will walk in on Monday morning with confidence.  

When we start work Monday morning, half the battle is getting started. Figuring out what you are going to do or focus on that week, and then you look up and it’s noon and you wasted half a day. Make your plan way ahead of time so you start Monday strong. 

  • Meal prep, laundry, and chores on Saturday. 

My typical Saturday morning routine is to wake up early(ish), take a workout class by 8 or 9, get a Starbucks coffee, do my grocery shopping, then come home and start my meal prep and give the house a good clean. It doesn’t sound like much fun, but I honestly love it. I am pretty much always in a good mood on a Saturday, so even if I am doing my weekly chores I am happy doing it. I treat myself to coffee, make a fun new meal, put on the “John Mayer Radio” or another upbeat playlist and I am good to go. Then I celebrate with an afternoon or night out with family or friends. This routine makes it easy and fun for me to go through my Saturday chores, so then when Sunday comes I have nothing to do but relax all day.  

  • Sunday night routines. 

As much as I like to have fun on Sunday’s or just to relax all day in sweats, I still make sure I treat the night time like a weeknight. I don’t do late dinners, or see friends at night. Typically I like to be home by 7:30 or 8 so that I could run through my routine and still get to bed by 9/9:30.  

My routine consists of putting away any leftover laundry, getting my shake ready for the morning, my workout clothes and work clothes laid out, with an early morning plan ready to go. If I know what exactly I am doing first thing Monday morning, I will do it, rather than fumble around with my alarm and sleep in.  

  • Get to bed early. 

As I mentioned in the nightly routine, I like to get to bed early on Sundays. I treat it just like a weeknight because I want to have as much energy as I can for Monday morning. I don’t really always feel like I “catch up on sleep” over the weekends. If anything I get less because I stay up later and can’t physically sleep in anymore, so that’s why it’s crucial I get to bed on time or earlier than I typically would so I am not dragging Monday morning.  

I also do a couple of things to help with the nervous restlessness that may come with putting yourself to bed on a Sunday night. I have a cup of Chamomile tea, which helps me get sleepy. I sometimes take a melatonin vitamin to help bring the sleep on. Lastly, I read when I get in bed. I don’t look at my phone or watch TV, but read a book to help shut off my racing mind and get my eyes tired and it works like a charm. 

To me, Sunday’s are meant for sleeping in and having a slow morning coffee and breakfast, cuddling on the couch and watching a movie or getting lost in a book, and hanging out with family. Sunday’s are for the soul. They should be days of rest and relaxation, not running around and stressing about the week ahead. 

These are 4 easy habits that have helped me make sure that I still enjoy my Sunday fully and they have worked like a charm.  

Plus, we always tend to make Monday’s worse in our minds than they are. Don’t let your fearful mind get the best of you. 😉