I truly believe that having a healthy body and mind are fundamental pillars to success.

When I personally look back on my life and look at the times that I have had a lot of success, I felt really energized, and just overall good and happy, have all been times when I was focused on my mental and physical health.

This is why today and every day I make it my priority to put my health above all else. This is why I move my body every day, cook myself healthy meals, meditate, and practice yoga. I do it all because I know that repeating those consistent actions is what will keep me on the path to success. 

Unfortunately, when you are stuck indoors with corona, moving your body and keeping those healthy habits in mind can get tough. If you are anything like me, you might be cooped up in a small apartment with not much space to physically move in. The days and hours start blending and fading into one another, and you are totally taken out of your old routine and habits.

It’s easy to start drinking on a Tuesday, or skipping a morning workout, and then lazing on the couch the minute you log off after work. Not that any of these things are really bad, but when they become the norm that’s when things take a turn for the worse. The scary part is that this is such an easy trap to fall into. I found myself wanting to just lay on the couch and have a glass of wine on Tuesday, which I NEVER do. Ever.

Times like this, when we are stuck in a space and out of our typical routines are the most important times to keep going towards our goals. Keep sticking with our healthy habits and moving forward.

We want to do this because we have worked for it. Because it feels good. And because this is what will help take us to our ultimate goals, which will still be there once this is all over. Waiting for us on the other side of this, let’s call it “adventure”.

So now what?

Now we take advantage of the resources that are out there and keep ourselves committed and on track with our health goals!

Below are some of the ways that I continue to move my body and have kept my health in check while stuck at home.

  • I still eat what I typically would eat during the week. If you follow my Instagram you will see, I prep healthy meals on Sundays. I STILL am doing that, and I am sticking to keeping my weekday and weekend meals separate. My week meals consist of lots of veggies, fiber, healthy whole carbs, fish, eggs, and/or beans as protein. I eat 3-4 meals a day and have blueberries at night. Pretty regimented and pretty plain, but I stick to it!
  • I don’t drink alcohol unless it is Friday or Saturday.  This is a habit I got into and stuck to once I started teaching at the studio. Partially because I couldn’t have a random glass of wine at night because I was teaching. I also just feel groggy and not as sharp the morning after I drink, regardless of how much I drank. For me, every day at work is an important day and I need to be on my game, so I don’t drink during the week.
  • I walk, if I can, every day outside. During lunch or an off night that I am not teaching a workout class, I love going on walks. Being outside, getting that fresh air, and physically removing myself from work, is like a big sigh of relief every day. With the coronavirus I am being super careful, not touching doors on the way out or in, and giving myself a good clean once I am back, but for me that break outside is crucial to my mental and physical health.
  • I am doing online workout classes!  I have always done online workout classes because when I first graduated college free/cheap classes online were all I could afford. I also LOVE when someone tells me what to do for a workout, or taking a class. I do NOT like just working out by myself, or making stuff up on the fly. There are three different at-home workouts that I have been committed too during this time home
    • My sister and I decided to turn our studio classes into virtual classes, and so far they have been amazing! We offer barre, yoga and stretch and tone, and our students and community have been loving it! We made it cost-friendly because this can be a really hard time financially for some people, so drop-in classes are only $5. We believe that right now more than ever, it is most important that people stay physically and mentally healthy, and we want to give them an outlet to do that.
    • Obviously, I love True Blue and what we are doing, but like everything in life that’s not all that I do.  I am also a big fan of beach body workouts. They are the company that owns Insanity and p-90x, I feel like those are some of the most well-known ones. But I have always liked doing those workouts, especially for cardio. My favorites are with Sean T because he is the bomb. These classes are a little more expensive, but a great workout. My friend @jackiemancini is a coach through this program, and I would reach out to her if you are interested!
    • Then, of course, there are the old-faithful free classes on Youtube. Youtube has SO many different types of workouts with SO many different instructors. This is a great option if you are just looking for free free FREE, which I still do. This is a great option because as long as you are moving your body, that’s all that matters.

Your health MATTERS. What you do every day TODAY will impact and affect your TOMORROW.

Being stuck kinda sucks, but we don’t have to be. We can find our ways through this. We can find our silver lining and get creative with the ways we stay on our fitness goals.

Step out of your comfort zone. Keep moving and try something new. You’ve got this!