How badly do you REALLY want it?

How badly do you REALLY want it?

Relationship advice from a recruiter… 

When I first started recruiting my boss at the time would always compare the situations we were working through to relationships.  Leaving your company is like breaking up with a significant other, and how attentive a candidate is during an interview process shows how interested they are in the job, or a relationship.

At first, I thought it was a bit out there, “how could a business transaction be like a relationship?”.  But the more examples they gave, and the more time I recruited and worked through those deals, I started to realize just how accurate that comparison is.  Continue reading “How badly do you REALLY want it?”

What is your Legacy? – Notes from my talk with the Miss Connecticut Contestants

What is your Legacy? – Notes from my talk with the Miss Connecticut Contestants

Good Morning!

Today I wanted to share with you a speech I prepared for the Miss Connecticut 2019 contestants.  As some of you know I was Miss Connecticut in 2012, and that experience changed my life entirely.  I was a totally different person and looked at the world in such a different way before I was a part of the Miss America Organization.  

I went into the organization thinking small, not really realizing the impact that one person can make in their own world.  I came out with big audacious dreams, having a better understanding of the ripple effect from one small positive event. But the best part was, for the first time, I really believed in myself and my ability to achieve my dreams.  I believed in my ability to make a difference in our world. Continue reading “What is your Legacy? – Notes from my talk with the Miss Connecticut Contestants”

PART 5: Getting in the Right Mindset!

Positive womanIn order to start my mornings right and get in the proper mindset, I take advantage of my long drive to work and fill my mind with positivity. Most days I listen to some type of motivational or business-related podcast/audiobook, and then during the last 5 minutes I listen to a couple of upbeat songs that get me going for the day. I like to call them my “walk-out songs” 😉 Continue reading “PART 5: Getting in the Right Mindset!”

PART 3: Relationship Status: TERRIFIED

4_signs_overthinkingTerrified of commitment or that you’ll be alone forever? …You’re not the only one, my friend!

When it comes to commitment, I have a hard enough time deciding what I want to watch on Netflix, or what I want on top of my pizza–forget about decisions that actually matter! Continue reading “PART 3: Relationship Status: TERRIFIED”

Broke, Confused & Terrified Blog Series

Scared womanWelcome to 2018 my friends! The year of opportunity and abundance! …

The beginning of a new year is the time that most of us reflect on the past year, look at what we have or haven’t done, and then set new goals for the year to come – for a short-lived time, that is. Continue reading “Broke, Confused & Terrified Blog Series”