Interview like a pro!

Interview like a pro!

Hey team!

Today I wanted to write a little about what I do for a living.  As some of you may know, I am a blogger by morning, a recruiter by day, and barre instructor by night.  Every day from 9-5 I am on the phone, almost all day long, talking to people about their next career opportunity.  I am interviewing them for positions I am working to fill, and helping them prep for interviews that they are going on.  

I am interviewing hiring managers to make sure I understand what they are looking for in a candidate for their open position.  I am interviewing candidates to see if they could be a good fit for the jobs, at the same time my candidates and clients are interviewing each other. 

Lots of interviewing going on here!!

Since I have been completely surrounded by interviews and interview prep for the past 4 years, I have learned a lot from it. Continue reading “Interview like a pro!”

A Weekend Without My Phone

Girl with her arms up

My team and I have been toying around with the idea of busting the “millennials are overly dependent on their phone” myth. Personally, I think our entire society is too attached to their phones, but let’s just blame the millennials, since, ya know, we are the ones who created smartphones in the first place … 😉 Continue reading “A Weekend Without My Phone”

The Cashless Generation

shutterstock_380003569.0A few weeks ago, I went to the Harvest Fest at Angry Orchard with some friends. There were six of us, conveniently, all millennials. We found a cheap Airbnb and took Ubers to the event–all very “millennial” moves.  We had a great time, listened to some awesome reggae, drank way too many ciders, and then it was time to go home. Continue reading “The Cashless Generation”

You Don’t Know Sh*t About Millennials

Kid screamingThere is a scare, a rampant plague petrifying American corporations everywhere! Millennials! They are our workforce? These spoiled, coddled brats with no empathy, no sense of loyalty, way too much entitlement and a narcissistic addiction to their cellphones?

Guess what? You’ve got us all wrong. And, spoiler alert, by 2025, we will be 75% of the workforce. I know you’re scared, but I’m here to help.

But first, who exactly are Millennials?…
Continue reading “You Don’t Know Sh*t About Millennials”