This tool has totally changed my life…

This tool has totally changed my life…

I want to start by saying this is NOT an ad. I repeat. NOT an ad. 


You’re probably thinking – no sh**t Sherlock people wouldn’t pay you to do ads… not yet at least ;). But in case you thought I was some super hip influencer who got offered free stuff to market, I certainly am NOT and do NOT. 


I DO just like to talk about the things I learn about and do every day that helps me in hopes that after reading about it maybe it will help you too!

That is why today I wanted to dedicate this entire post to my Start Today Journal I got from the Hollis Co. 


For starters, I have been enchanted by and totally obsessed with the self-help world and becoming a better version of myself since I was a junior in high school.  My mom sat me down to watch ‘The Secret’, in hopes that her melodramatic teenager would calm the f*** down, and I have been hooked since.  


I do and did the goal-setting, I write in a gratitude journal, I meditate, I keep a positive mindset, I go to conferences, I have a coach, I read all the books and do all the things. So naturally, when this Start Today journal came out by a leader I respect in the space, Rachel Hollis, I had to try it. 


It’s basically a gratitude and dream/goal journal all in one. You dream the big dreams you have for yourself in your life and then you break it down into 10 dreams you want to accomplish that will help get you that dream life.   Then you narrow it down to one goal. One goal you will put all your attention into this year.  Just one.  


This is incredibly difficult for an overachiever who always has a million goals at one time.  An achiever who always feel behind and like she’s not doing enough to get to her million goals.  I didn’t know if I would be able to focus and go after JUST one goal, but she spoke so highly of it I thought ‘let’s just give it a whirl and see what happens’. 


(Almost) Every morning since I got it in January, I started my day by writing 5 things I was grateful for. They are 5 things that give me all of the feels, the good-happy-excited-grateful feelings, that happened either the day before, that morning, or just things in general that were happening in my life that made me really happy. You start this way so to put yourself into that happy abundant state of mind.


Then every day I write down my 10 dreams and then the one goal I am focusing on. 


I’m not kidding guys, the first goal I started with came true within a month. I’m dead serious. I wanted to take a new step in my recruiting career, turn a new page, and a month later I was in a new role at an incredible company with people I love working with… 


Now, I had to figure out a new goal to focus on for the year. This would be the next marker for me to work towards to get me one step closer to one of my dream goals. It’s not shocking or hard to guess that the new goals were all around being really successful in my new position so I could continue to grow and learn. 


I made a small set of goals that were all around one big goal.  They were like mini markers within the big overall goal. I was still primarily focused on performance in my new role, with the markers really just being a reminder of what affect those mini markers would have on me and my family. 


But I have to say the next couple of goals I set for myself were stretch goals, and I mean strettttchhhhhh goals


They were the type of goals you set for yourself and think- if I ACTUALLY hit these goals… I will pee my pants. 


I will pee my pants type of excitement because these AREN’T your average joe goals- these are big monstropulous goals that I would love to hit ONE DAY.  

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I have always been a dreamer and let myself dream and believe in my big dreams.  Even when others have told me I was naive or ignorant for believing that I could, I went on believing and dreaming, and thank God I never listened… 


Because in just a short 7 months later I hit 2 of those mini markers that have made an ENORMOUS effect on my life and I am WELL on my way with hitting two more markers and then the overall goal!   This is all happening TODAY, not ONE DAY but TODAY. 


To date, I have met and moved past three of the most massive goals I have set for myself in my life. And not only did I hit them, but I hit them in 7 months after starting my start today journal practice. Let me repeat that… 7 months!!! Not one year, not 5 years, not 15 years, but HALF of one year.  These were goals I legitimately thought would take me years, that took me less than one. 


This realization dawned on me one day when I was driving to work.  I was half-listening to a new podcast and half thinking about the day ahead when I thought to myself “Holy sh** I have hit two of the goals… like I actually hit them…” I started to get like jumpy giddy in my seat. 


In that same thought, I totally forgot about what my initial goal of the year even was.  The minute I got to the office, I searched through my bag for my journal, opened it up, and I saw what I wrote down for the next step in my career.  

The next step which turned into the new opportunity that I got 2 months later, that I was in today, that lead me to and gave me the capability to achieve the massive goals I set for myself… It was all working and happening just the way I let myself dream it would.


When I looked at that entry I didn’t even know what to do. I just stared at it as my heart started to dance in my chest and tears welled up in my eyes… I actually did it… this sh** actually works. Note- I didn’t actually pee my pants. But you get the picture! 


The reason I am telling you this whole montage of what I have achieved isn’t to be boastful or show off if you know me well you know I am NOT about that life. 


I wanted to share it with you to show you that THIS SH** WORKS.  To show you that YOU can do this too. To encourage you to let yourself dream the big dream and believe that you can get there one day because YOU CAN!!  And that ‘one day’ is way closer than you think. 


This practice has also taught me that having focused attention on the one thing works.  It actually works better than any other way I have worked towards goals in the past.  All I needed was the tool to help me focus to get there, and that is EXACTLY what this journal did for me. 


Of course, the first step is allowing yourself to dream the dream and believe that you are worthy and capable of achieving it.  Then loading yourself up with the tools and knowledge to prepare youFinally, it’s the work that follows that actually gets you there.  


Day after day showing up for yourself and your dreams.  Always working towards that goal. Some days that ‘work’ will feel a sprint, other it will feel like a slow and steady walk but with every step, every ounce of effort you put in will get you one step closer as long as you never give up.


This journal is just a tool that will help you focus and concentrate while you are on that journey.  But man, I have never gotten to something as fast as I did while using this journal. Another reason why I wanted to share this with you today.


If you have a dream for yourself and your life, you have big goals that you want to achieve I would HIGHLY recommend investing in something like this.  If you don’t want to spend the money, Rachel Hollis tells you EXACTLY what to do and how to do it on your own, for FREE in Episode 72, of her podcast called Rise available anywhere you listen to podcasts. 


I’m telling you guys, this changed my life, and I hope it can change yours too.  =] 


Until next time, keep dreaming the dream. 

Love always, 


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My Favorite Podcasts

My Favorite Podcasts

Good Morning!

This week’s blog was inspired by my friend Meg. =]  

The other day Meg asked me and my other friend, Carol, what were some good podcasts that she should listen to.  That question got me to thinking of writing a blog about podcast recommendations because there are also just so many options out there and it’s hard to even know where to start looking.


When you are first getting into podcasts there are so many to pick from that it could get pretty overwhelming.  This is the case with books, TV shows and movies.  It feels like at every turn I am constantly hearing about a NEW podcast, show or book that was just released.  It’s gotten to the point where we literally have hundreds if not thousands of options to pick from and the last thing you want to do is to make the WRONG choice.  


I hate when I waste my time reading a book and then halfway through decide I don’t like it.  Or when I invest my time into a new TV series or podcast and then find out that by episode 3 or 4 I can’t stand the person.  There is nothing that infuriates me more than time wasted, ESPECIALLY when it’s for a leisurely activity because I have so little time for it in the first place.  


Sometimes I get so caught up in making the WRONG choice, that it leads me to just picking what I already know.  Watching a movie I have watched 5 million times, or listening to one of the podcasts on my small list that I rotate through because at the end of the day I know what to expect and how I will feel after.  I need that little bit of certainty in my life.


I would rather know that I am going to love whatever I invest my time and money into and because of that I always LOVE getting a good recommendation.  


Anytime a friend brings me a book and says “you HAVE to read this”, or when a sister-in-law tells you over dinner, “you HAVE to watch this movie”, you are almost never disappointed.   When I get suggestions from friends and family, those are the times that I can’t stop turning the page or I come back to the podcast every single day in the car.


So, when Meg asked us what our favorite podcasts were I thought, might as well share them with everyone in case anyone else out there is like me and wants a little guidance on what to try out next. =]


Now, depending on the time of day, weather, how I am feeling, or who I am with can change the type of podcast I want to listen to, drastically.  I am assuming I’m not the only person like this so I decided to share them by category.  I broke them up into HeartwarmingBusiness/Goal-oriented, Mystery, and Funny.   


Let’s start with HEARTWARMING.

Some days are just tough days, for whatever reason, and days like that I like to listen to uplifting stuff.  I like to listen to stories that remind me that you can overcome anything, all is still right in the world and love prevails all.  

super soulSuper Soul Sunday is pretty much my go-to in this category.  You get a mix of all of those feel-good feelings, leaving you believing that everything will always be okay.  The host is our girl, Oprah, and you know anything and everything she stamps her name on is going to be not good, but great.  She encourages us all to take a minute to pause and connect with the deeper meanings of the world.

Some of my favorites interviews are with Brene Brown and Joe Biden. Definitely check those two out.


Then there is the BUSINESS/GOAL-ORIENTED podcast category.

These are the types of podcasts I listen to the most.  I throw one on my drive into work to get myself mentally motivated and prepared for a workday.  If you have followed my blogs you can tell that I am a very goal-oriented person, so I love to learn new tips and tricks by other business women and men.  These podcasts are always really interesting, telling you the story of how the top people in their field got to where they are today.

My favorites in this category are:

school of greatnessThe School of Greatness – The host of this podcast is a former professional athlete, Lewis Howes. Lewis is always bringing on different guests who are leaders in their space, celebrities, or people who are making waves in the world in their own small way.  The guests talk about how they came to be, and then they always end the interview with what their definition of greatness is and three things they would like to leave behind in the world. 


goal diggerThe Goal Digger Podcast – This podcast is run by Jenna Kutcher, a photographer, influencer and educator.  I think this is THE BEST podcast for exact how-tos for starting your own small business, especially with marketing and social media tips.  She tells you exactly what you should be doing to create an email list, ways to stay productive, and how to build a brand. When I first started listening I was in awe of how much information she was giving to her listeners for FREE.  On top of that, she is all about self-love and is an Aeire Clothing spokes-person which is my favorite brand and meaning behind a brand, so it pretty much makes her the best ever.


rise podcastRise Podcast –  I couldn’t leave out my girl Rachel Hollis.  Her podcast is very similar to Jenna Kutcher’s and Lewis Howe’s where she both gives advice and direction on what small business owners should be doing and she interviews top business owners in their space to learn from them.  Her shows are more all-encompassing in business. For example, she brings on finance experts, she talks about how to overcome the fear of failure, and how to scale your business. The best part is that she breaks it down to make it all really really simple and digestible.  She wants everyone to be able to understand the message and take away something from the show. I also just love listening to her in general, so this was a great way I could continue to listen to her that wasn’t in a blog or book form.


Tim-Ferriss-Podcast_1600xThe Tim Ferris Show – This was actually one of the first podcasts I ever got into.  His interviews are very long, but they talk about a lot and nothing at the same time so you really get to know the guest on the show.  He also somehow gets them to talk about more than the typical talking points they will do on other shows. It’s funny because he graduated from Princeton, and you can tell her graduated from an Ivy league.  He is very articulate and prepared and I feel like he would love caviar or something like that. But it is a really good show and I feel smarter every time after I listen to it.


Now to get a little less serious and move into the MYSTERY category.

I love listening, watching, reading an anything murder mystery.  There is just something about a good murder mystery that gets me going.  These are the podcasts I listen to if I don’t want to think and want to watch a movie in my mind while I am driving.  Dan and I also always listen to these together on long car rides.

My favorites are:

atlanta monster.jpgThe Atlanta Monster/Monster: The Zodiac – This one is fantastic!  It is a breakdown of the unsolved murder cases of The Atlanta Monster and The Zodiac.  Each story has a series of episodes attached to it, and it breaks down different parts of the investigations.  It constantly keeps you on your toes and guessing who it was, why it happened, and where they went wrong in figuring out who the real murderer was.  It’s really good and keeps you engaged and on your toes for long car rides.


in the darkIn the Dark – This murder mystery is in a very similar format.  It is all about the murder case of a boy who went missing and then years later the killer admitted to everything he did.  It breaks down every part of an investigation and gets all the facts of what happened and what didn’t happen. You totally get sucked in and question, “How did they NOT find him?”. Another really good listen for a car ride.


serial killersSerial Killers –  This show is a bunch of short stories about different serial killers in the world.  Typically the stories are about serial killers you have never even heard about that might have happened in your town or state!  I was hooked on this one when I listened to a show where it talked about a serial killer that I had never hear of before that lived in Connecticut!  I liked how they focused on small cases that go under the radar that leave you thinking, how did I never know about that!?


Then finally I wanted to add in a FUNNY podcast series.  

I will start off by saying that I do not typically listen to funny podcasts or stand up comedians, it’s just not my thing.  But I do love Ron Burgandy and Anchorman, so when someone suggested Dan and I give this podcast a listen we couldn’t say no.


ron burgundyThe Ron Burgandy Podcast is stupid and funny.  Very light hearted and if you need a good laugh I would definitely recommend giving this a listen. I can’t say more than that because I have only listened to about an episode or two.




That just about sums it all up!  Now you know the handful of podcasts that I rotate through regularly.  Try them out and let me know which one you love!

Also, keep the recommendation train going and let us know which podcasts are your favorites so we could give them a listen too!  

Leave a comment on what your favorite podcasts are right now!

Your Q1 Review – A step by step guide

Your Q1 Review – A step by step guide

This past December I noticed that all of my favorite podcasters were doing a year end review on their shows.  A year end review is when you would take a moment to reflect on what went well and what didn’t over the past year. The pod casters would go over what they accomplished and where they failed so they could learn from it.

At first I really wasn’t into the episode because I didn’t feel like it was something I could benefit or learn from. But, by the end of that first episode I realized just how wrong I was.  The whole concept of what they were doing was such a GREAT tool for improvement. Taking a minute to stop and reflect on the past year to get a better “birds eye view” of what ACTUALLY happened, rather than evaluating it while your in the middle of it.

I am not kidding when I say this, every single December I eat too much, I party a lot, and then January comes and I’m NOT happy and at that point I’m already starting to think about the year to come. Not once have I ever taken a minute to stop and evaluate the year that just happened.  It sounds bizarre, but I truly never take time for reflection. I am always too focused on how to fix everything I just screwed up in December and am looking forward to next years goals.   

Also, a year is a long ass time and I can confidently say I forget most of it.  I can barely remember my social security number and that never changes, let alone my weekly and monthly accomplishments over a year.  When an obstacle comes up I will figure out how to overcome it or just trudge my way through it. Whether  I fail or succeed, in the end it is over and I move on. I don’t really dwell on things too much, that’s how I have learned to survive.  I never take the time to stop and reflect on what just happened, unless there was a major blow up or something really bad happened.

But seriously, how often do we all do this?  How often do we not take the time to stop and reflect on what just happened in our life and just keep soldiering on? Sometimes that is completely necessary, even vital, but I think once in a while it’s good to force yourself to stop and think about what REALLY just happened.  Taking the time to pat ourselves on the back or figure out how we can do better is essential

As I mentioned before, a year is a really freaking long time and because I really do so easily forget everything I do, I thought it would make sense for me to try to do this quarterly.  The reason I thought of this was because in February/March I started noticing how “off course” I was in some of my goals and how “on course” I was in other areas of my life, and I started to change my ways a bit.  That’s when I started thinking that we should all being doing this quarterly review, so give ourselves credit where credit is due towards accomplishing our goals and then getting ourselves back on track in the area’s we were lacking.

Today, I am going to go through what I did for my quarterly review and will share the steps with you so that you could do the same.

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The Marie Kondo Movement – Sparking Joy

The Marie Kondo Movement – Sparking Joy

Good Morning!

I am not sure why, but how fast a picture, video or movement can go viral and spread like wildfire, STILL amazes me.

About two weeks ago my mom started telling me about this cute little woman, Marie Kondo, and her organizing and decluttering lessons.  My mom often gets into these kicks of learning something new and then completely masters it overnight, like she will literally stay up all night doing it… and then talks about it, a lot. I do the exact same thing and typically follow everything she does in life, because she is the actual GOAT.  

Marie Kondo was no different than so many other of my mom’s new obsessions. Since she talked about it so much, I had to do some digging on my own.  Who is this little woman and what is she all about?  Oddly enough I came to find that she is the author of a book that had been on my Audible wish list for over a year, “The Magic Art of Tidying Up”.  She also has a Netflix show featuring different families she has helped with her lifestyle advice and methods. Continue reading “The Marie Kondo Movement – Sparking Joy”

My “swerves”

My “swerves”

Good Morning!

In lieu of Michelle Obama’s amazing new book, Becoming, I wanted to share with you my “swerves”.

For staters, if you haven’t read or listened to Michelle’s book yet, stop what you are doing right this instant and go buy it.  When you are done come back…


To those of you who actually listened to me and bought the book, you’re welcome!  To those of you who read it, you get it.  To those of you who didn’t you still have time, it’s 1,000% worth it.

With my long drives to work, I listened to the book on audible.  I laughed, I cried (a lot), I was inspired, I was educated, I was hurt and upset.  I was all of the things and had all of the feels.  I am clearly not Michelle Obama if I can one day say I became a fraction of what she is I will be so proud, but while listening to her story, there were times I felt like she was telling my story.  She was so raw and real and open that you could relate to so much of what she was saying.

One story she shared was how she was a “box checker”, always doing what she thought she was supposed to do to get to that next level.  Get good grades, get into Princeton, go to Harvard law, practice law at a great firm in Chicago.  She did it all.  Then, when she met Barack he was different, he was swervey”.  He didn’t do things according to plan and in order, he was a risk taker.  He “swerved”, he zigged and zagged.  This idea of “swerving” was talked about a lot in her book and she went into a lot of detail of her own swerves and how they impacted her life.

Ironically, not long after I finished listening to that book, and finished crying because Michelle and I would no longer be BFFs every day even though she doesn’t know I exist, I was faced with a swerve. Continue reading “My “swerves””

Interview like a pro!

Interview like a pro!

Hey team!

Today I wanted to write a little about what I do for a living.  As some of you may know, I am a blogger by morning, a recruiter by day, and barre instructor by night.  Every day from 9-5 I am on the phone, almost all day long, talking to people about their next career opportunity.  I am interviewing them for positions I am working to fill, and helping them prep for interviews that they are going on.  

I am interviewing hiring managers to make sure I understand what they are looking for in a candidate for their open position.  I am interviewing candidates to see if they could be a good fit for the jobs, at the same time my candidates and clients are interviewing each other.

Lots of interviewing going on here!!

Since I have been completely surrounded by interviews and interview prep for the past 4 years, I have learned a lot from it.

On top of that, prior to my recruiting career, I even helped young women prep for their personal interview for the Miss Connecticut pageant.  Through it all, I have picked up on some essential interviewing skills that I would love to share with you to help with your next interview!

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My Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List

Summer is my favorite out of the beautiful seasons here in New England. I mean, what is there not to love about SUMMER?  Beach days, the warm sun on your face, hot dogs, ice cream, vacations, tans, shorts, flip flops…  It’s the happiest time of the year, and for many, it’s also one of the busiest times. Since we live in New England, we only get about 3.5 months, if that, of beautiful warm weather. So we try to cram in as many outdoor activities as possible: ball games, BBQs, weekend getaways to the beach, vineyard visits, boat cruises, mini-golfing, or just taking a run or walk outside. Continue reading “My Summer Bucket List”