It’s a… Mother’s Intuition?

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the announcement that Dan and I are expecting a baby boy come February of 2021! I’m not exactly sure of the due date because I keep forgetting to ask. =]

We had always planned on trying to start a family this summer, but we were planning to start trying August/September after most of the weddings that we had planned. Then COVID changed things. In the Spring all of our upcoming weddings we were both in and attending started to get postponed to 2021. It was like a domino effect, one canceled and then the rest followed suit within a week of one another. Vacations got canceled and pretty much all of our life plans for the rest of the year got canceled or put on hold.

At first, we were really bummed because we were looking forward to our summer and the rest of the year. We were holding out hope that all would turn around and be okay by June for us to go back to our normal lives, but we were so very wrong there.

Then one-night while were having dinner we started talking about trying to start a family anyways. Why wait? Let’s not put our plans on hold just because the virus put life on hold.

From that very first dinner conversation in our Norwalk apartment, drinking red wine, we started talking about what we thought the baby would be once we actually got pregnant. Dan and I both initially thought that I knew it was going to be a boy first. This was just when we DECIDED to try, we hadn’t actually DONE anything about it yet. But still, I had this strong gut feeling that we would have a boy first. Then another glass of wine in, we started talking about names and had our baby boys name picked out by the end of the bottle.

Later that month as we were officially tracking and trying. One morning I was doing my meditation and had a very clear vision. It was of me sitting on my chair at the beach by the water with a cute little chubby boy squatting that full diaper baby squat to pick up rocks and seashells and then showing them to me, and he said: “See Mommy”. Another sign that made me believe I was having a boy.

Fast forward to 4 months later, when I actually AM officially pregnant, we are at the beach, having a “small” gathering of 25 family members. We’ve got the blue and pink table cloths out, balloons dancing in the wind, and lots of very excited relatives anxiously waiting for me to cut the cake to find out the big reveal.

As I was counting down, “5,6,7,8”, to cut into the cake, I looked down at the two little pairs of socks my mom laid out in front of the cake. One was a pair of pink socks and a headband, and the other was a pair of football socks with a little grey beanie. At that moment I thought, we are going to have ourselves a football player.

I cut down, pulled the cake out, and saw the blue icing inside the cake. It’s a BOY!!

We were so excited and I am still shocked that I was right. Could I have really guessed I would have a boy BEFORE I was even pregnant?! Did I “Law of Attraction” him into my life because it’s all I could think about?! Or do I already have a “mother’s intuition”?!

The real answers to these questions, I will never know.

But it did give me that gentle reminder, to always go with your gut. Your heart always knows. If you quiet your mind and listen, you’ll always find the answer.

And now I will be a boy mom. =]