Actually, I can

Actually, I can

Hey Friends,

If you have been with me for a while, you know that I LOVE the new year.  I love it because in my world a new year means new goals and dreams to work towards in the year to come.

Nothing gets me more excited than a blank notebook just waiting for me to fill it with my thoughts, ideas, dreams, and aspirations.  Sunday I spent hours doing it and walked away from that time feeling like a total badass, ready to conquer the world.

But today I don’t want to talk about goal setting and getting in the ‘new year, new me’ mindset.  Last year I wrote, one of my most popular blogs called “New Year, New You – Goal Setting” and I would highly recommend reading this for a step by step guide on exactly how to go about your goal setting this year.

But again, that’s not what today is about.  Today is about looking back at the past year(s), remembering how far you have come, and all the obstacles you overcame.  Pumping yourself up to see how much of a badass you already are. Continue reading “Actually, I can”

5 Things to do to start your morning

5 Things to do to start your morning

I am 100% a morning person to my core.  I love my morning coffee. I love watching the sunrise.  I love having quiet alone time to myself. And even though I do love my sleep, waking up early and blogging, goal setting, meal prepping and getting workout’s in before 8 am just makes me giddy with excitement.  It just feels so good when I finally “start” my workday, knowing I got my most important things done first.  


My morning routine and starting my day on the right foot is a game-changer for me and has made a huge impact on the way I approach every workday.   Continue reading “5 Things to do to start your morning”

The 3 C’s To Live By

The 3 C’s To Live By

The three C’s and how they can apply to anything in life.  Clarity, Confidence, Compassion. 

I started my 200 hour yoga teacher training program about 3 weeks ago.  It was something I always wanted to do and there was an accelerated program being offered at the studio near me, so I decided to take the jump and enroll.  And BOY do I LOOOVE it. Love love love love it. I have loved yoga for so many years and finally taking my learning to the next level is just so interested and intoxicating.  This is probably going to be the first of many blogs that I write about my experience, just a heads up. 😉

Last week, we learned about “teaching fundamentals” and we went over “The 3 C’s”.  The 3 C’s are characteristics you want to portray throughout your class. They are Clarity, Confidence, and Compassion.   Continue reading “The 3 C’s To Live By”

4 Rules When Starting a Workout Routine

4 Rules When Starting a Workout Routine

I was driving home from a pure barre class this past Saturday morning, and I thought about my weekly workouts.  I had just bought a new class pass to Pure Barre and was thinking about all of the different studios/gyms/workout classes I have memberships to that I use on a weekly basis. 

It got me to thinking more about my overall workout routine, how drastically it has changed over the past couple of years, and how many different workouts I currently do, have done and tried. 

Today I thought I would share a bit with you about the different types of workouts I do, and my overall philosophy around working out.   Continue reading “4 Rules When Starting a Workout Routine”

Back to School, Back to Business – Start your “School Year” out the right way 👊

Back to School, Back to Business  – Start your “School Year” out the right way 👊

I am a summer girl through and through.  I love everything about summer and when we have the final drive home from our summer cottage on Labor Day Weekend it always brings tears to my eyes.  So dramatic, but so true. 

To change my focus from what is behind me, I try to focus on what is ahead.  

Even though I haven’t been to “school” in years there is a certain exciting feeling you get in September around the new “school year”.  It’s the beginning of a new chapter, a new season, and a new opportunity to start on the right foot.  

This time of the year always makes me reminisce and think about the things that my parents would make me and my siblings do once we started the new school year. 

Continue reading “Back to School, Back to Business – Start your “School Year” out the right way 👊”

This tool has totally changed my life…

This tool has totally changed my life…

I want to start by saying this is NOT an ad. I repeat. NOT an ad. 

You’re probably thinking – no sh**t Sherlock people wouldn’t pay you to do ads… not yet at least ;). But in case you thought I was some super hip influencer who got offered free stuff to market, I certainly am NOT and do NOT. 

I DO just like to talk about the things I learn about and do every day that helps me in hopes that after reading about it maybe it will help you too!

That is why today I wanted to dedicate this entire post to my Start Today Journal I got from the Hollis Co.  Continue reading “This tool has totally changed my life…”

What I learned from a tour guide, a chef, and Michelangelo…

What I learned from a tour guide, a chef, and Michelangelo…

What I learned from a tour guide, Chef and Michelangelo

I went to Italy on a 10-day trip to Tuscany and Rome a couple of weeks ago.  It was my immediate family and our significant others. We went to Tuscany for 8 days and then ended the trip in Rome.  We stayed in a beautiful villa in Panzano, Tuscany and took small day trips to the local towns and then some of the bigger cities like Florence, Luca, and Cinque Terre.  We had a private tour guide who was local to the area and brought us around. We had a chef who came and taught us to cook homemade pasta and pizza, and then we have another tour guide bring us all through Florence to point out and teach us about the art and history of the city.

It truly was the trip of a lifetime.  We had such a blast drinking wine, eating unlimited bread cheese and pasta and just being together.  But the icing on the cake was really learning about and getting to know some of the locals. Our tour guides and chef were so gracious, all with huge smiles and a deep appreciation for their country and its history.  They all lived very different lives, but they all taught me something that I didn’t think I would find in the classic Italian laid back culture.   Continue reading “What I learned from a tour guide, a chef, and Michelangelo…”