What Would Ellen Do?

Ellen DeGeneres
Photo by celebrityabc on Flickr

I first became inspired to write about Ellen DeGeneres after recently re-listening to President Obama’s presentation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to her in 2016. During his speech, he pointed out Ellen’s bravery with issues surrounding the LGBT community, and the impact that she makes uniting people through laughter. Continue reading “What Would Ellen Do?”

PART 5: Getting in the Right Mindset!

Positive womanIn order to start my mornings right and get in the proper mindset, I take advantage of my long drive to work and fill my mind with positivity. Most days I listen to some type of motivational or business-related podcast/audiobook, and then during the last 5 minutes I listen to a couple of upbeat songs that get me going for the day. I like to call them my “walk-out songs” 😉 Continue reading “PART 5: Getting in the Right Mindset!”

PART 4: How the F*** Can I Look Like Gisele?!

Woman holding an apple and cupcake

A recent poll found that 41% of Americans made a New Year’s Resolution for 2017. According to that same survey, eating healthier was the #1 Resolution, said 21% of the respondents. Understandably so, getting in “great shape” has been a fad for decades and because of that, a large portion of the population, myself included, has obsessed over it. Continue reading “PART 4: How the F*** Can I Look Like Gisele?!”

PART 3: Relationship Status: TERRIFIED

4_signs_overthinkingTerrified of commitment or that you’ll be alone forever? …You’re not the only one, my friend!

When it comes to commitment, I have a hard enough time deciding what I want to watch on Netflix, or what I want on top of my pizza–forget about decisions that actually matter! Continue reading “PART 3: Relationship Status: TERRIFIED”

PART 1: You’re Broke AF, and Don’t Know What to Do About It

Woman holding up empty walletMany millennials, myself included, are constantly worrying about how we are going to get by either on a daily basis, in our future, or both. Living paycheck to paycheck is, unfortunately, very much a thing. Supporting this fact is a survey of millennials by HowMuch.net which found that “51.8% of those aged 18-34 have less than $1,000 held between bank accounts and cash savings” Continue reading “PART 1: You’re Broke AF, and Don’t Know What to Do About It”