The Best Present You Can Give This Holiday…

The Best Present You Can Give This Holiday…

… is your full attention, and presence.

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. People are buzzing about putting up decorations, buying gifts, planning meals, going to parties, hosting parties, and making holiday goodies. And that’s just in their spare time! In many cases, this is ALSO many companies’ year-end or quarter-end. This added deadline puts an additional stress on people to close out business and get those last revenue dollars in by the end of the year. It’s a lot, to say the least. Continue reading “The Best Present You Can Give This Holiday…”

How I Appreciate you, Wedding Planners!

How I Appreciate you, Wedding Planners!

For many of us millennials, spring, summer and fall are filled with weddings (officially “Wedding Season!”). According to the US Census, the average age of marriage for women in 2017 was 27.4, while men came in at 29.5%. Additionally, per Pricenomics, 80% of weddings are held between May and October.   Continue reading “How I Appreciate you, Wedding Planners!”

My Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List

Summer is my favorite out of the beautiful seasons here in New England. I mean, what is there not to love about SUMMER?  Beach days, the warm sun on your face, hot dogs, ice cream, vacations, tans, shorts, flip flops…  It’s the happiest time of the year, and for many, it’s also one of the busiest times. Since we live in New England, we only get about 3.5 months, if that, of beautiful warm weather. So we try to cram in as many outdoor activities as possible: ball games, BBQs, weekend getaways to the beach, vineyard visits, boat cruises, mini-golfing, or just taking a run or walk outside. Continue reading “My Summer Bucket List”

My “Go-to” Summer Reading List

Girl reading a book by pool
Photo by Angello Lopez on Unsplash

Recently I was asked by my boss Danny Cahill to be a guest on his podcast and discuss which books I suggest people should add to their summer reading lists. Danny knows that I am a bit of a self-help nut, as there is nothing I love more than to read a great book on the beach. It’s my FAVORITE thing to do. In the Continue reading “My “Go-to” Summer Reading List”

What Would Ellen Do?

Ellen DeGeneres
Photo by celebrityabc on Flickr

I first became inspired to write about Ellen DeGeneres after recently re-listening to President Obama’s presentation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to her in 2016. During his speech, he pointed out Ellen’s bravery with issues surrounding the LGBT community, and the impact that she makes uniting people through laughter. Continue reading “What Would Ellen Do?”

PART 5: Getting in the Right Mindset!

Positive womanIn order to start my mornings right and get in the proper mindset, I take advantage of my long drive to work and fill my mind with positivity. Most days I listen to some type of motivational or business-related podcast/audiobook, and then during the last 5 minutes I listen to a couple of upbeat songs that get me going for the day. I like to call them my “walk-out songs” 😉 Continue reading “PART 5: Getting in the Right Mindset!”

PART 3: Relationship Status: TERRIFIED

4_signs_overthinkingTerrified of commitment or that you’ll be alone forever? …You’re not the only one, my friend!

When it comes to commitment, I have a hard enough time deciding what I want to watch on Netflix, or what I want on top of my pizza–forget about decisions that actually matter! Continue reading “PART 3: Relationship Status: TERRIFIED”