Scared womanWelcome to 2018 my friends! The year of opportunity and abundance! …

The beginning of a new year is the time that most of us reflect on the past year, look at what we have or haven’t done, and then set new goals for the year to come – for a short-lived time, that is.

A study found that 80% of “new year’s resolutions” are completely forgotten about and abandoned by February. I can absolutely relate to this statistic because it has happened to me many times in the past (aka: diet goals I gave up within three weeks, attempting to stop swearing -which barely lasted a day, etc. …)

I’ve been talking to my friends, who are conveniently millennials, about the year ahead, what we want to do when we grow up, and where we see our lives heading. I’ve heard, and have personally felt, a lot of:

“I feel totally lost, and have no f***** idea what to do with my life.”

“I want to eat healthier, but have no idea what diet to follow because there are so many now!”

“I can’t get out of my own way because I am broke AF.”

“I think I’m going to be alone forever!

I feel that are pretty common thoughts and feelings among my fellow 20 and 30-somethings.

Disclaimer #1: Certainly some of you have it all figured out, but there are also a lot of us who experience doubts and insecurities on a daily basis. And unfortunately, that type of thinking can easily lead to anxiety or even depression.

Disclaimer #2: The fact that I am mainly targeting my fellow millennials and some of their common issues, doesn’t mean that members of other generations shouldn’t feel free to join- as these blogs can apply to anyone. All are welcome! 🙂

Therefore, during the next month or so, I’m going to tackle some of the common fears and roadblocks which young adults experience and how to overcome them:

  • Being broke AF and how to get less poor

  • Feeling lost and confused about what you ACTUALLY want to do with your life

  • Relationship status: TERRIFIED

  • New Year, New YOU: Feeling healthy inside & out

  • Finding daily satisfaction in our digital world

I’m hoping something from this series of blogs will resonate with you, and be put into practice for longer than a month… Or, at the very least, give you something to quote or refer to, helping you sound like an expert or someone who totally has their sh*it together (even if you don’t)… Nobody is perfect. Let’s all fake it together ‘til we make it!  😉