How To Clean Up Your Life

How To Clean Up Your Life

I don’t know about you guys, but nothing makes me want to clean up every aspect of my life more than coronavirus. Everything feels dirty and susceptible to disease, even if I just lysoled my whole life, including my actual self like I lysol sprayed my hands once… not kidding.

Spring cleaning, and washing away the germs, and all bad things away is an absolute must in my household this season.

But of course, me being me, I am looking at, “cleaning up your life” from an all-encompassing view. How can I clean up my physical environment, my mental environment, and my inner environment, aka my gut. Because if you think about it, this virus didn’t just affect our physical bodies, but it affected our homes by not leaving them and our minds from being both stressed and scared.

It all needs a refresh and a cleanout. So let’s get to it. Continue reading “How To Clean Up Your Life”

April Meal Of The Month

April Meal Of The Month

I LOVE cooking. Mostly because I love eating and I really appreciate a well done, cooked homemade meal. There is nothing like it.  I grew up on home-cooked meals and would love how in each season our meals changed. For the most part, we ate seasonally. Whatever fruits and vegetables were in abundance and local at that time of the year, they were on our dinner plate.  

When I think of April, I think of the beginning of fresh and lighter meals.  It’s getting warmer out, and we are getting outside more, and have a little bit of a spring in our step, no pun intended. 😉   Some of the foods that first come to mind when I think of the spring season are asparagus, peas, and artichokes. 

The recipe below was inspired by my friend Michelle, and when I say inspired I mean she legit gave me the recipe.   She is honestly a DON when it comes to cooking. Every time I go to her house she makes these unbelievable meals, that always have me going up for seconds if not thirds.  This is one of those “can’t get enough of it” meals.  Continue reading “April Meal Of The Month”

Adding Value During Tough Times

Adding Value During Tough Times

During this uncertain time in our lives, it has been a difficult time to move forward. For me, it’s almost like we are all in this weird limbo of standstill. We are moving forward, but not really. Many of our decisions and next steps are going to be based on how this virus evolves and reacts, but none of us know what that will look like or how long it will be.  We are in very unchartered waters, with no real idea of where north is or where our oars are. 

All of the uncertainty has people and companies less eager to buy or try something new. You don’t want to plan too far ahead, because you don’t know when things are going to happen or how things will change. Resulting in feeling stuck, or on pause until further notice.

For many us, me especially, this can be pretty difficult. How can we continue to move the needle forward in business, or keep working towards that goal, sale, whatever, if we don’t even know what next week will look like?

As soon as I felt listless and a little lost, I knew I had to find some kind of solution so I could keep moving forward. At that time, I had these recurring thoughts of:

“How can I continue to add value today?”  

“How can I continue to make a difference and move forward?”

“How can I show up for my team, my managers, and my candidates at this time?”  

I believe that we can continue to move forward, to trudge through this fog of unknown by slowing down for a minute, calming down, and then focusing on how we can add value to our customers, clients, colleagues, friends, and communities in these times of needContinue reading “Adding Value During Tough Times”

Ways To Stay Healthy While Stuck At Home

Ways To Stay Healthy While Stuck At Home

I truly believe that having a healthy body and mind are fundamental pillars to success.

When I personally look back on my life and look at the times that I have had a lot of success, I felt really energized, and just overall good and happy, have all been times when I was focused on my mental and physical health.

This is why today and every day I make it my priority to put my health above all else. This is why I move my body every day, cook myself healthy meals, meditate, and practice yoga. I do it all because I know that repeating those consistent actions is what will keep me on the path to success.  Continue reading “Ways To Stay Healthy While Stuck At Home”

Tips For Working From Home

Tips For Working From Home

With all of our recent changes in our current environment, many of us have been told that we are going to be working from home “until further notice”. 

At first, this can sound super exciting and I am SURE some of you thought, “super long snow day! Helllll yyeeaaaa! I get to stay in my pajamas all day, roll out of bed and open my laptop.!!” Until it’s not.   Continue reading “Tips For Working From Home”

The reminder we ALL need: Stop and Smell the Flowers

The reminder we ALL need:  Stop and Smell the Flowers

This morning I went to Trader Joe’s 15 minutes before it opened like I always do every Friday morning after my yoga class.   Last night I thought this will be a good time to go because it won’t be as crazy, and there will be fewer people around. I always go at this time and there are typically no more than 5 people.  But I should have known that wouldn’t be the case today. 


Today, the parking lot was almost full and there was a line already forming and around the building by the time I got there.  I got in line and people were taking out their plastic gloves and wipes to wipe down the cart. All understandably so. People are taking precautions and are stocking up.  I get it, and I was there doing the same thing. 


As I finally started walking into the store, I wiped off my cart to disinfect it with a wipe.  Then I stopped to pick out my flowers like I always do. I get new flowers every week because I love them, they are beautiful, and they make me happy every time I look at them. 


I could feel the people rushing by as I stopped to analyze the bouquets to see which one I wanted.  As I was taking the time to look around, I noticed that no one else was next to me at the flowers. People were whizzing by and rushing behind me to get into the store and to get to the food.  No one was stopping for the flowers. 


When I looked up and started off towards the fresh food section it was like bumper carts and a traffic jam all at the same time.  I decided to ditch my cart to the side and navigate the aisles by foot. Walking to the spinach and kale, then the zucchini and broccoli, and then the carrots and beets.  Grabbing what I needed and bringing it back to the cart, then going back out for whatever food item I needed next. As I continued this journey of walking back and forth to my parked cart, I noticed that no one had flowers in theirs. No one. 


Then I started to recognize the panic rising in the room.  People were dodging, grabbing, and stocking up on lots and lots of oatmeal.  I could even feel my chest start to tighten, starting to think there wouldn’t be enough.  “What if they don’t have any peanut butter left?!?” #priorities.   


The fear and panic in the room were making ME feel nervous and frantic, and I really don’t get nervous.  I am pretty level headed and calm for the most part, but the anxiety levels of the group as a whole were starting to give ME anxiety.  

At that moment I looked down and saw my beautiful bouquet and felt a slight sense of relief, a sense of calm, a pause and distraction to take me away from the panic all around me.  I needed that reminder. We ALL need that reminder right now.  


The entire world is in a panic.  Our entire world is fighting and protecting and preventing their loved ones from getting sick.  And I understand and support ALL of that. We need to take precautions to make sure this doesn’t spread or get worse.  


But we also need to take precautions and actions to keep our souls safe, to keep our hearts and minds at ease. 


Fear is contagious.  Anxiety is overwhelming and soul-crushing.  But our feelings and our thoughts we CAN control.  We can try to prevent corona, but nothing is guaranteed and none of us can predict the future.  


But what we have COMPLETE control over is our thoughts.  We have COMPLETE control over our minds. We have COMPLETE control over what media we allow ourselves to ingest.  We have COMPLETE control over what we say and put out into the world. We have COMPLETE control over how we make our homes look and feel. 


And feeling peaceful, feeling safe and calm, those feelings can save you.  Maybe not from corona, but from yourself. It can save you from your fear and anxiety.  When your heart is full of light and love, there is no room for darkness and fear. Choose to give yourself that gift of peace and calm. 


You can do this by cleaning your house or apartment.  Put happy music on while you work. Do a youtube workout video and move your body to get your endorphins up.  Make up a game to play with your loved ones. Read a romantic novel or harry potter. Make a delicious meal. Light a nice smelling candle. Clean out the closet.  Marie Kondo your life. Or put out some beautiful flowers on display. 


Whatever it is that brings you peace and joy.  Do that. Do that in your home. Make your space a calm, warm, clean, and happy space.  Bring your mind at ease.


Stop to look at and appreciate the beautiful flowers that are right in front of you. 


We will get through this.  So in the meantime, stop to take a minute to find or create that joy, and love that will light up your life.  That beauty, that relief, is what we need, now more than ever.  


Find it, create it, and then spread that shit around like confetti. 


Love you guys,